When an interest in aesthetic, trends, and advertising became more than just coffee-shoptalk, we pulled up our socks and got to work. A few minds coming together for the common goal of not only making something of ourselves, but making something beautiful for others. 

We're just excited to be here.

Jessi Sauer M7-bw square copy.jpg



Jessi has dual degrees from Salt Lake Community College in Graphic Design and Graphic Communications. Jessi enjoys reading, photography, website design, and making sense of the spice cabinet. Some of Jessi's other favorite past-times include skateboarding, drawing, and taking over-ambitious bike rides with her Vizsla.



Chris has earned a BS in Marketing from St.Cloud State University. Chris likes to dream up new ideas, streamline any and all operations, and explore the world via Google Maps. Chris prefers to spend his free time snowboarding if there's snow, and fishing is there's water.

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Cedar has no formal education but contributes greatly to the M7 team. Her unusual napping positions help get the ideas going, her frequent need for walks keep the ideas fresh, and her impeccable sense of the end of the work day keeps all projects on-schedule.